Akira Movie Download (2016) Full HD AVI, FLV & mp4

Akira Movie Download (2016)

Akira Movie Download (2016) Full HD AVI, FLV & mp4

Akira Movie Download (2016) Full HD

Full Name: Akira (2016)
1.0 GB
HD 720p Blue Ray
Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
Release Date:
02 Sept 2016
 Sonakshi Sinha, Amit Sadh, Anurag Kashyap

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Akira Movie Download Full Story & Plot

Akira Sharma is a little girl in a small town who lives happily with her father and mother. One day, she witnesses a crime involving a group of unruly men ruthlessly throwing acid on a young woman’s face. Akira helps police to catch the criminal, but the accomplices of the criminal swear vengeance.

Akira’s father realizes the importance of self defense and enrolls her in a self defense class. One day on her way to home, Akira notices gang members who scared her tease another girl. She beats them up, but one of them takes out a bottle of acid to throw acid on Akira. When it backfires on him, Akira is accused of throwing acid on his face and is sent to juvenile jail.

Fourteen years later, Akira has grown into a brave and headstrong young woman, but her father has died. Akira and her mom move in with her brother, who she hates because he left them to marry. Akira joins Holy Cross College and lives in hostel, as her mom decides to stay back with her brother, while taking care of his child. A couple of students try to bully her but end up learning the hard way to not mess with her.

One night, an inspector runs into one of the college professors with his car and beats him up because the professor is upset about the policeman’s behavior. The college students reach out to the commissioner with the aid of a strike. The police brutally beats them up and tries to move all of the students away; only Akira remains. She hands over the signed petition sheet and the information to the commissioner when he arrives.

Couple of days later, the same police man who hit the professor robs and kills a man. When he admits this on the phone at his girlfriend’s place, she records his confession and decides to show it to her friends. At the last moment, her camera with all the information is stolen, and someone blackmail the policeman. All this makes the inspector nervous; he kills his girlfriend and begins researching who is behind this.

This case is handled by ACP Rabiya because she knows it was a murder and not a suicide. One day, Akira finds a bag full of stolen items, including the camera, in front of her dorm. The policemen see her and take her away and decides to kill her. She sees three of the policemen kill two other men. The main ACP calls them and tells them they have the wrong girl, but because she saw everything to just shoot her. She escapes, goes to her principal, and tells him everything that has happened. He tells her he would love to help her but can only in the morning

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