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Madaari Movie Download Free HD (2016) – High Download Speed

Madaari Movie Download Free HD (2016)
Madaari Movie Download Free HD (2016)

Madaari Movie Download Free HD (2016)

 Full Name: Madaari
Size: 690 MB
Quality: MP4 HD720, WEBM, MP4, 3GPP
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 22 July 2016
Language: Hindi
Stars: Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Vishesh Bansal

MADAARI Official Trailer 2016 – Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill 

Madaari Movie Story & Plot

The film starts with it’s tag line ‘बाज़ चूज़ पे झपटा.. उठा ले गया, कहानी सच्ची लगती है लेकिन अच्छी नही लगती! बाज़ पे पलट वॉर हुआ कहानी सच्ची नही लगती पर खुदा कसम बहुत अच्छी लगती है!'(Eagle pounced on a chick, took it off- story sounds true… but doesn’t feel good. Eagle was counter attacked, story doesn’t sound true but swear on god, feels great)

A 10 year old child, Rohan is been kidnapped from his hostel. Rohan is the only son of home minister. The army & CBI storms into action. CBI officer Nachiket Verma heads the case & orders restrain from all the other security agencies to make sure the kidnappers don’t panic & kill Rohan.
Initially the case is thought of mistaken identity wherein the kidnapper might have tried to kidnap his friend Chintu who was also drugged while kidnapping. For a long time there is silence from the kidnapper & everyone is left guessing as who it might be & at the same time the investigation is kept extremely secret.


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