Avatar Full Movie Download (2009) Dual Audio (1.25 GB)

Avatar Full Movie Download (2009)

Avatar Full Movie Download (2009) Dual Audio (1.25 GB)

Avatar Full Movie Download (2009) Dual Audio

Full Name: Avatar (2009)
 1.25 GB
 720p Blue Ray
 Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date:
 16 December 2009
Language: English
 + Hindi
Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana

Avatar Full Movie Download (Story & Plot)

By 2154, people have depleted Earth’s herbal assets, leading to a excessive energy crisis. The resources development management (RDA for brief) mines for a precious mineral – unobtanium – on Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas large Polyphemus inside the Alpha Centauri megastar system. Pandora, whose surroundings is toxic to people, is inhabited with the aid of the Na’vi, 10-foot tall (3.Zero m), blue-skinned, sapient humanoids, who stay in harmony with nature and worship a mom goddess referred to as Eywa.

To discover Pandora’s biosphere, scientists use Na’vi-human hybrids called “avatars”, operated through genetically matched human beings; Jake Sully, a paraplegic former Marine, replaces his deceased equal dual brother as an operator of one. Dr. Grace Augustine, head of the Avatar software, considers Sully an inadequate substitute but accepts his project as a bodyguard. Even as protecting the avatars of Grace and fellow scientist Dr. Norm Spellman as they collect organic facts, Jake’s avatar is attacked by way of a thanator and flees into the wooded area, where he’s rescued with the aid of Neytiri, a female Na’vi. Witnessing an auspicious sign, she takes him to her clan, whereupon Neytiri’s mom Mo’at, the extended family’s religious chief, orders her daughter to provoke Jake into their society.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, head of RDA’s personal security force, guarantees Jake that the employer will restore his legs if he gathers records approximately the Na’vi and the extended family’s accumulating location, a giant tree known as Hometree, on grounds that it stands above the richest deposit of unobtanium in the location. When Grace learns of this, she transfers herself, Jake, and Norm to an outpost.

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