Bastille Day Movie Download (2016) Full HD, AVI, FLV, MKV & MP4

Bastille Day Movie Download (2016)

Bastille Day Movie Download (2016) Full HD

Bastille Day Movie Download (2016) Full HD

Full Name: Bastille Day (2016)
1.8 GB
HD 720p Blue Ray
Action, Thriller
Release Date:
13 July 2016
Language: English

Idris Elba, Kelly Reilly, Richard Madden

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Bastille Day Movie Download Full Story & Plot

On the eve of Bastille Day in Paris, an American conman Michael Mason, steals a woman’s handbag with a teddy bear inside, unknown to Mason that the teddy bear is rigged with the explosives. After disposing the handbag, it explodes, killing four people. The bomb was intended to blow at the empty office but it fails due to the presence of the employees. Mason is subsequently tagged as the terrorist by the French authorities as well as the CIA surveillance in Paris.

Learning from Mason, CIA agent Sean Briar goes to pursue Mason and the chase ensues around his apartment. Briar eventually captures Mason and heads to the secret interrogation room. Mason explains that he doesn’t know that the bag he stole contains the bomb, and he got the information of the woman named Zoe through the call log.

Meanwhile, Zoe, with the help of the man whom she knew as Jean, blames herself for the deaths of the four people. The explosion was actually set up by the group of mercenaries led by Rafi Bernard, who told them to plant the bomb at the office. Upon learning from the man who blew the bomb, Jean allows Zoe to escape, realizing that the group will come to kill her.

The group tracks the location of Zoe’s phone. Briar engage a fight with the group members, and they subdue Briar, while Mason escapes. Rafi and the group set up another attack by planting the evidence of the bomb at the mosque.

They discuss that if the group follows the plan and spread the chaos, they will have a half-billion dollar transfer from a bank into their encrypted drive. French Interior Minister Victor Gamieux reveals himself as the leader of the mercenary group. Thus, making the people in the mosque falsely accused for being the bombers.

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