Double Attack Movie Download (Naayak) 2016 Full HD 720p

Double Attack Movie Download (Naayak) 2016

Double Attack Movie Download (Naayak) 2016 HD 720p

Double Attack Movie Download (Naayak) 2016 HD

Full Name: Double Attack (Naayak)
1.5 GB & 214 MB
HD 720p & 3gp
Action, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Release Date:
09 January 2013
 Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul, Ram Charan

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Story & Plot

Siddharth Naayak kills Central Minister Rawat’s brother, Taxi Seth, and his henchmen to save three men. Rawat orders a CBI Officer to catch the criminal so that he may be executed. In CgTrix, Hyderabad there works a software engineer, Cherry, who is a dead ringer for Siddharth. Cherry’s uncle Jilebi, the CEO of CgTrix, unexpectedly runs into trouble, angering the local Don, Babji. Cherry saves Jilebi from Babji by manipulation, but in the process becomes romantically interested in Babji’s sister, Madhu.

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After Cherry saves several children from a mafia don, Madhu reciprocates his love. This angers Babji and he goes to kill Cherry, but is shocked when he sees what he thinks is Cherry assassinating the DGP of West Bengal. The CBI Officer also misunderstands, believing that Cherry is responsible for the two murders, although Siddharth is the real murderer. With Jilebi, the CBI Officer goes to Kumbh Mela at Varanasi in pursuit of Cherry.

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As Rawat is offering holy rituals, the CBI Officer catches Cherry and holds him, however Siddharth rises from the Ganges and stabs Rawat with a trident, after which he fights with all of Rawat’s guards. As he is about to kill Rawat, the CBI Officer attacks him with a taser and arrests him, thereby exonerating Cherry.

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