Passengers Movie Download (2016) Full HD MP4 720p is here

Passengers Movie Download (2016)

Passengers Movie Download (2016) Full HD MP4 720p is here

Passengers Movie Download (2016) Full HD MP4 720p

Full Name: Passengers (2016)
700 MB
HD 720p
 Adventure, Drama, Romance. Sci-Fi
Release Date:
21 December 2016
 Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen

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Story & Plot

The starship Avalon is transporting over 5,000 colonists to the planet Homestead II, a journey that takes 120 years. The colonists and the entire crew are in hibernation pods, but as the ship passes through a large asteroid field, the ship’s shield is heavily strained causing a malfunction that awakens one passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), 90 years early.

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After a year of isolation, with no company except Arthur (Michael Sheen), an android bartender, Jim contemplates suicide. One day he notices beautiful Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) in her pod. Her video profile reveals she is a writer with a humorous personality.

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After struggling with the morality of manually reviving Aurora for companionship, he awakens her, claiming it was due to a pod malfunction like his. Aurora, devastated that she will likely grow old and die before the ship reaches Homestead II, attempts a fruitless effort at re-entering hibernation, just as Jim had tried. Eventually, she accepts her situation and begins writing a book about her experiences. Jim and Aurora grow closer, becoming lovers.

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Passengers Movie Download (2016) Full HD MP4 720p

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